about us


Passion for Simplicity, Beauty and Logic

Designstate is a progressive and creative design studio located in Copenhagen, Denmark. We believe passionately that brilliant design is essential to making a distinct impression in consumer’s minds.

Designstate consist of two groups of offerings. The first parts are strategic design and innovation consulting. Second part is design delivery.

Strategic design and innovation consulting consist of a series of meetings where the involved company presents there challenges and opportunities to us and ask for an external view and evaluation. We use this opportunity to get in depth with the topic through honest and frank discussion. We bring our diverse industry background into the discussed case and look at the challenges from different creative sides.

The strategic topics could be as following: “New identity for our company capturing our new business direction”, “creating new brand and product lineup for a startup or identifying opportunities in a consumer segment” and “creating new and innovative offerings through product, software and services”.

Our design delivery services consist of designing corporate identity programs, Digital Solutions and Product design that effectively communicate your values and offerings to your customers. Designstate is involved from Initial strategy definitions state and all the way to execution of the individual components that make the strategy fly. We love concrete results.

Design delivery project could be as following: “We want our interface design and graphical user interface (GUI) to be aligned with our new design direction”, “We would like to build a brand book so we know how we can utilize our brand assets I the best possible way” or “We want new design concept on our Products, including packaging and point of sales (POS)”.

We combine market and consumer understanding with an excellent command of the design discipline, throughout the whole design process, from ideation to prototyping to final production. Designstate consist of designers with advanced segmentation and consumer knowledge ensuring that your design offerings are tailored to intended target audience.

As design professionals backed up by years of experience from fast-paced corporate environments, we understand how to translate your vision into tangible solutions and value propositions for your market and for your customers.

We tailor services to specific client needs, ensuring optimal use of resources and time. We believe that close cooperation with clients are essential for successful outcome. Designstate uses close cooperation, hones dialogue and transparency as foundation for every project we work on.